Faculty & Students


Name Research Specialty Department
Brian E. Anderson Nondestructive evaluation and private speech communications Physics and Astronomy
Jonathan D. Blotter Vibrations and optical-based measurements Mechanical Engineering
Kent L. Gee Nonlinear acoustics, physical acoustics, aeroacoustics and active noise control Physics and Astronomy
Timothy W. Leishman Excitation, measurement, modeling, and control of sound fields Physics and Astronomy
Tracianne B. Neilsen Jet noise, nonlinear acoustics, and acoustical oceanography Physics (Part-time Faculty)
Scott D. Sommerfeldt Active noise control and energy-based acoustics Physics and Astronomy

Graduate Students


Name Degree Type Research Topic Advisor Email
Pegah Aslani Ph.D. Physics Active Control of Cylindrical Shells Sommerfeldt pegah.aslani***gmail.com
Matt Calton M.S. Physics Modeling and Design of Acoustic Resonators Sommerfeldt mattcalton***gmail.com
Miles Clemens M.S. Physics Time Reversal for Room Acoustics Anderson theexperiment113***gmail.com
Blaine Harker Ph.D. Physics Beamforming Applied to Jet Noise Gee blaineharker***byudotn
Kyle Miller M.S. Physics Nonlinearity Analysis of Jet Noise Gee kglenmiller***gmail.com
Brent Reichman Ph.D. Physics Shock Formation and Quantification Gee brent.reichman***gmail.com
Kelli Succo M.S. Physics Noise Control of Medical Equipment Sommerfeldt kelli.fredrickson7***gmail.com
Eric Whiting M.S. Physics Sound Intensity Gee benweric***gmail.com
Jenny Whiting M.S. Physics Real Time Auralizations Leishman crystallizer63***gmail.com
Sarah Young M.S. Physics Nondestructive Evaluation of Cracks Anderson sarahmyoung24***gmail.com

Undergraduate Students

Name Research Area Advisor Email
Michael Denison     michael.denison23***gmail.com
Adam Erickson     ericksonal2***gmail.com
Caleb Goates     calebgoates***gmail.com
Christopher Heaton Time Reversal for Vibrational Focusing Anderson christopher.w.heaton3***gmail.com
Stephen Hogg Nonlinear Resonant Ultrasound for Cracks Anderson jr.hoggcube***gmail.com
Travis Hoyt   Leishman travis.n.hoyt***gmail.com
Kevin Leete Visualization of Mach Stem Formation Gee kevinmatthewleete***gmail.com
Claire McKellar Musical Instrument Directivity Leishman mckellar.claire***gmail.com
Michael Rollins Vocal Fatigue Leishman michael.rollins***byu.edu
Michael Rose     rosemission***surewest.net
Kieren Smith Musician Sound Exposure and Acoustics of Rehearsal Facilities Neilsen kierenhs***gmail.com
Joel Temple Time Reversal Simulations for Active Noise Control Anderson joeltemple1***gmail.com
Darren Torrie   Gee darren***torriefamily.org
Aaron Vaughn Crackle Sound Perception Gee aaron.burton.vaughn***gmail.com
Matt Willardson Time Reversal for Nonlinear Acoustic Focusing Anderson mwillardson***verizon.net


Emeritus Faculty/Staff

Name Research Specialty Tenure at BYU Department
William Strong Speech and Musical Acoustics 1967-2001, still active Physics and Astronomy
Paul Palmer Musical Acoustics (Cold Fusion as well) 1966-1991 Physics and Astronomy
Irvin Bassett Musical Acoustics & Lab Coordinator 1963-1985 Physics and Astronomy
Norman Geertsen Musical Acoustics 1960?-1975? Physics and Astronomy
Dwight Dixon Musical Acoustics (Nuclear Physics as well) 1959-1984 Physics and Astronomy
Duane Dudley Musical Acoustics (Solid State as well) 1956-1994 Physics and Astronomy
Carl Eyring Architectural Acoustics 1924-1951 Physics and Astronomy
Harvey Fletcher Musical Acoustics 1911-1916, 1952-1973 Physics and Astronomy

Alumni (Since 1995)

Name Degree Advisor Research Topic
(Includes Links to Electronic Theses)
Current Location
Joshua Bodon M.S. Physics 2016 Leishman Musical Instrument Directivity  
Zachary Jensen M.S. Physics 2016 Leishman Sound Power in Reverberation Rooms  
Mark Berardi B.S. Physics 2015 Leishman   Michigan State (Ph.D.)
Trevor Stout M.S. Physics 2015 Gee Holography of Jet Noise  
Daniel Marquez M.S. Physics 2014 Sommerfeldt Acoustic Power Using Energy Density  
Benjamin Christensen M.S. Physics 2014 Gee Acoustic Intensity of Rocket Noise  
Nicholas Eyring M.S. Physics 2013 Spencer Automated Directivity System ...
Jesse Daily Ph.D. Mech. Eng. 2013 Thomson Vocal Fold Fluid-Structure Interactions  
Jarom Giraud M.S. Physics 2013 Gee Rocket Noise with Acoustic Arrays  
Michael Muhlestein M.S. Physics 2013 Gee High Amplitude Noise Propagation Univ. of Texas (Ph.D.)
William Johnson M.S. Mech. Eng. 2013 Blotter Active Structural Acoustic Control  
Alan Wall Ph.D. Physics 2013 Gee Jet Noise & Extended Source Reconstruction Air Force Research Lab.
Ian Coltrin M.S. Mech. Eng. 2013 Blotter Sound Field of Miniture Jets  
Stuart Harper B.S. Physics 2012 Gee Nonlinear Rocket Noise  
James Esplin M.S. Physics 2012 Sommerfeldt ANC of Laptop Cooling Fans Penn State (Ph.D.)
Jarom Giraud M.S. Physics 2012 Gee Rocket Noise with Energy Measurements  
John Boyle B.S. Physics 2012 Sommerfeldt Laptop Fan Active Noise Control OASIS, Inc.
Cole Duke M.S. Physics 2012 Sommerfeldt ANC of Axial Cooling Fans Sound Design International
Matthew Shaw M.S. Physics 2011 Anderson Ultrasonic Sound Transmission Ford
Curtis Wiederhold M.S. Mech. Eng. 2011 Blotter 3D Acoustic Intensity Probes Apple
David Krueger M.S. Physics 2011 Gee Jet Noise NAH and Method Comparison Motorola
Julia Vernon B.S. Physics 2011 Gee Acoustics of Exploding Balloons Penn State (Ph.D.)
Samuel Anderson B.S. Mech. Eng. 2011   Reverb Chamber Measurements Larson Davis
Jessica Morgan B.S. Physics 2011 Gee Jet Noise Imaging with Ground Reflections Penn State (Ph.D.)
Trevor Jenny B.S. Physics 2011 Anderson Ultrasonic Anechoic Chamber Qualification Dynabuckle
Ryan Rust M.S. Mech. Eng. 2010 Blotter ANC of Two-Fan Exhaust-Mounted Array  
Daniel Manwill M.S. Mech. Eng. 2010 Blotter Laser Registration and Structural Control Novatek
Buye Xu Ph.D. Physics 2010 Sommerfeldt Theoretical Developments of Energy Density Starkey Laboratories
Jeffery Fisher M.S. 2010 Blotter Structural and Acoustic Coupling W.L. Gore & Assoc.
Zachary Collins M.S. 2010 Blotter Interior Fourier NAH Using Energy Density National Instruments
Daniel Tengelsen M.S. Physics 2010 Anderson/Leishman Compression Drivers and Horns Bose
Xi Chen Ph.D. Physics 2010 Leishman Sound Field Equalization Using ED  
Devin Young B.S. 2009 Gee Microphone Characterization  
Jayrin Farley B.S. Physics 2009 Anderson Ultrasonic Sound Transmission  
Brian Thornock M.S. Physics 2009 Leishman Directional Reflection Measurements Syracuse Research Corp.
Panu Puikkonen M.S. Physics 2009 Leishman Sound Equalization Savery & Assoc.
Michael Gardner M.S. Physics 2009 Gee NAH for Aeroacoustics Penn State (Ph.D.)
David Ripplinger B.S. Physics 2009 Anderson Large Amplitude String Vibration BYU Comp. Sci. (M.S.)
Mike Mendoza B.S. 2008   Anechoic Chamber Characterization Honeywell
Trent Mouton B.S. 2008   3-D Scanning for Anechoic Chamber Duke University
Isaac Fjelsted B.S. 2008   Diffraction Through Apertures EnergySolutions
Jameson Drechsel M.S. 2008 Thomson Synthetic Vocal Fold Model Cummins, Inc.
Jason Sagers M.S. Mech. Eng. 2008 Blotter Active Transmission Loss of Panels Univ. of Texas (Ph.D.)
Derek Thomas M.S. Physics 2008 Gee Energy Density in Nonlinear Fields ARL, Univ. of Texas
Stephan Lovstedt M.S. 2008 Sommerfeldt Interior Helicopter Noise ANC Northrop Grumman
Ryan Chester M.S. 2008 Leishman Energy Density Measurement Tech. Starkey Laboratories
Seth Tomlinson B.S. 2007   Cochlear Analogue Demonstration Greenbusch Consulting
JohnPaul Abbott B.S. 2007   Room Data Analysis Systems Univ. Mississippi (M.S.)
Jonathan Oldham M.S. 2007 Blotter Multiple Microphone Probe Calibrator Orbital Sciences Corp.
Connor Duke M.S. Physics 2007 Sommerfeldt Active Control of Axial Cooling Fans Apple
Ben Shafer M.S. Physics 2007 Sommerfeldt ANC and Multiple Noise Sources Quiet Solutions
Hales Swift B.S. 2007 Gee Perception of nonlinear noise Purdue Univ. (M.S.)
Jared Thomas M.S. 2007   Interior Helicopter Noise ANC National Instruments
Micah Shepherd M.S. Physics 2007 Gee NAH in Nonlinear Fields Penn State ARL
Brandon Skinner B.S. 2006   Two Dimensional Guitar Pick Up Harman Music Group
Andrew Boone M.S. 2006 Sommerfeldt Active Noise Control of Power Generator Sparling, Inc.
Matt Green M.S. 2006 Sommerfeldt Broadband ANC using Feedback Starkey Laboratories
David Nutter M.S. Physics 2006 Leishman Energy-based Reverb Chamber Measurements Sci. App. and Res. Assoc.
Brian Monson M.S. Physics 2006 Sommerfeldt ANC of Axial Cooling Fan Univ. Arizona (Ph.D.)
Gordon Dix M.S. Physics 2006 Leishman Directional Loudspeakers Apple
Sarah Rollins M.S. Physics 2005 Leishman Analysis of the Salt Lake Tabernacle Sparling, Inc.
Sentagi Utami M.S. Physics 2005 Leishman Physical/Numerical Mosque Modeling Univ. of Michigan (Ph.D.)
Steve Davis B.S. Physics 2005   Directivity of Musical Instruments Coll. of William & Mary MBA
Jeff Hill M.S. Mech. Eng. 2005 Blotter Windscreen Analysis Penn State M.E. (Ph.D.)
Mike Harris M.S. 2005 Blotter NAH using Energy Density Columbia Business School
James Chatterley M.S. 2005 Blotter Sound Quality of Sewing Machines Orbital Sciences Corp.
Mike Dickerson B.S. 2005      
Heather Smith M.S. Physics 2004 Leishman Numerical Analysis of LDS Conf. Center Homemaker
Lance Locey M.S. Physics 2004 Sommerfeldt ED Probe Development Raytheon
Ben Faber M.S. Physics 2004 Sommerfeldt ANC of Tractor Cab Faber Acoustical
Brian Anderson M.S. Physics 2003 Leishman Loudspeaker Parameter Measurements Assistant Professor, BYU
Laralee Ireland Ph.D. Physics 2002 Sommerfeldt Simulations of ANC in Turbofan Engines Part-Time Instructor, BYU
Kent Gee M.S. Physics 2002 Sommerfeldt ANC of Axial Cooling Fans Associoate Professor, BYU
Dan Ludwigsen Ph.D. Physics 2002 Strong Modeling of Trombone Player's Lips Professor, Kettering Univ.
Vivian Dias M.S. Physics 2000 Sommerfeldt Virtual Sensors in ANC E.A.R.
Guillermo Herrera M.S. Physics 2000 Sommerfeldt Modeling of Cellphone Loudspeakers Caterpillar, Inc.
Michael Thompson M.S. Physics 2000 Strong Nonlinear Wave Prop. in Trombone Johns Hopkins APL
Dong Lin  Ph.D. Physics 1999 Sommerfeldt Distributed PVDF Structural Sensors Dolby
Tim Samuels M.S. Physics 1998 Sommerfeldt Loudness-based ANC  
Eric Hunter M.S. Physics 1997 Strong Speech Analysis for Lip-reading Aids Center for Voice & Speech
Rong Wang M.S. Physics 1996 Strong Speech Analysis for Emotion  
David Copley M.S. Physics 1995 Strong Trombone Acoustics Caterpillar, Inc.