Ultrasonic Noise and Transmission

Ultrasonic sound is defined as sounds at frequencies above the range of human hearing (> 20 kHz). The UNT work at BYU is being funded by the Geophysics Group of the Los Alamos National Laboratory. Undergraduate student researchers at BYU are measuring the levels and frequencies emitted by various natural (mainly animals such as bats) and man-made sources (such as laptops and cell phones). Work is also being conducted by undergraduate and graduate student researchers on measuring the amount of ultrasonic sound that can be transmitted through various common building materials to aide as a nondestructive evaluation tool.

UNT work at BYU was founded by Dr. Brian Anderson. Current students working in this area of research include:

  • Jayrin Farley (B.S. 2009)
  • Trevor Jenny (B.S. 2010, Expected Grad. Date)
  • Matt Shaw (M.S. 2011, Expected Grad. Date)